wtorek, 16 kwietnia 2013

RudeMaker Ska Zine - the first issue is out!

After various adventures, finally published the first issue of "RudeMaker Ska Zine" fanzine entirely dedicated to music, having its roots in Jamaica, with an emphasis on the SKA.

If you like an old school zines made from 100% DIY method, you should like "RudeMaker Ska Zine". And what interesting you can find inside? Interviews. More than 35 A4 pages of previously unpublished interviews ever! Both Polish and foreign bands. In addition to the ska, there is also room for soul reggae and early reggae.

Bobby Sixkiller [France] - about playing alongside the biggest and downloading music, we have talked to Boris, bassist of the band.

Samostalni Referenti [Serbia] - Fefe, lead singer of Ska Belgrade last Guard, talks about fucking politics, relations with the Croats and the Serbs about why they have really big balls.

Krzysztof Gajewski and Reda Haddad - the filmmakers of “Ska Delight. The 4th Wave” answer questions about who finances the project as a short film about the artist turned into a full length film about the international rock scene, as well as ska, the music Matrix.

Panna Marzena i Bizony - Marek (vocals) and guitarists Bocian and Kuba talk about recording their debut album, family connections of the band members and their musical openness.

Las Melinas - Bishop, lead singer of the band, talks about recording the new album, international concerts, visits to a city of Lower Silesia and Las Melinas’ inspirations.

Sari Ska Band – Sylwo the lead singer and Kornel the bassist were asked about Żory ska festival, domestic scene of music and disco polo.

Of course, that's not all!

If you are interested in ordering a zine write to the address rudemaker.skazine@gmail.com. We will send you all the data you need to transfer money or leads to our PayPal. Price of zine is only $ 2 / € 2! Priority mail abroad: 2 $ / € 1.50.


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